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our journey to provide public safety started from 2019

Adaptive Threat Solutions (ATS) is a high threat security company founded by Andrew McKellips in Kent, Washington to assist the Greater Seattle area to protect the public’s safety during the rise in crime. With over 12 years of experience, McKellips decided to start helping his communities by providing his expertise and knowledge to deter and mitigate violent crime and other illegal activities.  ATS’s goal is to provide businesses, schools, religious organizations, and private homeowners the security they search for during a time where your chance of being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 152 and property crime is 1 in 19.

• Customize our service to suit the individual, business, or community’s needs.
• Provide the highest level of service
• Build relations with the community and our client to assist in building bridges and respect for each other
• Continued training and certifications for our officers

Experts Security

Our Security Planing
in 3 steps

We always provide tested & proven security solutions to our customers. Our services give homes, businesses, healthcare facilities, and religious facilities a piece of mind when it comes to safety and protection. We provide a full range of security solutions, day and night with our armed officers and unarmed security professionals with uniformed or plainclothes services. Mobile units offer alternative patrol services or in addition to the security team for the client’s location. Also, we provide security consultations with risk analysis and vulnerability assessments. At the same time, we are proud to be certified trainers to provide public training with a wide range of training courses: firearm, defensive tactics, tactical response training. 


Tested & Proven Solutions

Provide tried, tested and proven security solutions by our security experts.

Tailoring & adjustment

We would adjust and tailor our solutions from your needs to create an executable plan for your situation.

deployment & feedback

Our defenders will execute the plan and communicate any feedback from the field to make suitable adjustment as needed.

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