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Risk Assessment

If you haven’t assessed your physical security risks in the past few years,

  • Are you confident your security program is prioritizing the risks that pose the greatest threat?
  • Can you state with certainty that your organization is using best security practices to control and manage your vulnerabilities?
  • Will you be able to withstand the scrutiny of an OSHA investigation or properly defend against a premise liability allegation?

Adaptive Threat Solutions has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the steps critical to assessing your security risk. Let us help you eliminate crime before it happens with a simple physical security risk assessment project.

Benefits of a Physical Security Risk Assessment

  • Prevent incidents and criminal activity.
  • “Informs your COVID-19 return to work strategy” for access control management.
  • Learn where you can be victimized by criminals or terrorists.
  • Identify holistic mitigation strategies to reduce security risk to people, assets and information.
  • Stage implementation of recommendations at your own pace rather than hastily responding or overreacting after a security incident.
  • Secure funding for security improvements by making a compelling business case. (Management will sometimes react more rapidly to third party recommendations or those that are well supported with crime and other data analysis).
  • Identify to all stakeholders what needs to be protected, why and from whom.
  • Implement many improvements without a capital investment. Typically, 80% of ATS’ security risk assessment recommendations can be implemented without expending capital.
  • Identify emergency scenarios and calibrate emergency response and business continuity plans accordingly.
  • Defend against frivolous litigation.

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